Working with, founded by Erik Bergmann (formerly Catena Media) is a charitable website inside the online casino world. They are trying (and succeeding) to turn around the worldwide and deep consensus about the gambling world by doing, as they say; 'the most good'.

The team behind was pleasently surprised reached out to work together and spread their ideas to change the (online) casino world. We hope to learn from them and will do our best to do 'the most good' ourselves.

About will give away 100% (yes, correct, all of it) to charity. As up to now they have already donated close to €400.000 to charities like CleanAirTaskforce, FoundersPledge and GiveWell. But this is just a small fraction of the ideas has. Please check the video below to find out what they are about and hear about their 50 year vision to become the biggest charity company in the world!

You can find more partners of and an interview with here.

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